Project: StringQuartet

Örjan Sandred


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Collaboration with the Stenhammar String Quartet.

In 2022 I was awarded a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. This has made it possible for me to develop a unique project that will result in a larger composition for string quartet and live electronics. Among other things, the project explores the use of algortihms from artificial intelligence to generate parts of the electronic voice live during the concert.

As an initial step for this project, I developed a constraint solving algorithm that could handle live input while solving a problem. In other words, it made it possible to dynamically generated the score for the live electronics based on what the musicians are performing. This algorithm was implemented in the Max software in collaboration with the french composer and computer musician Julien Vincenot.

The creative phase of this project is now ongoing, and I am collaborating with the Stenhammar String Quartet in Stockholm that help me test some ideas, both on a technical level (the interaction with the A.I. algortihm) and on a musical level (by workshopping score fragments and musical ideas).

The new composition is scheduled to be premiered during a Canada tour in November 2024.

On a very technical note, here is the link to Julien Vincenot's MOZlib library for Max that makes it possible to run Lisp code from inside the Max software.

For anyone interested in starting up on Computer Assisted Composition, I recommend my book "The Musical Fundamentals of Computer Assisted Composition". Please note that this is intended to be a beginners book - the advanced person will find plenty of articles on various topics (for example my own articles on Constraint Solving Techniques).