Örjan Sandred


List of Works

(chronologic order, not complete list)
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Footprints for piano and live electronics.
To be premiered during 2024.
Commissioned by the Manitoba Arts Council for Megumi Masaki. 

Mimétisme for percussion, live electronics and live video processing.
First performance March 25, 2022 at the Sweden Music Spring in Stockholm, Sweden.

Canadian premiere January 30, 2023 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.
Commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts for Victoria Sparks and Jonny Axelsson..

Sonic Trails : Lockdown a multimedia installation for 3 semi-transparent screens, 2 projectors, quadraphonic sound and artificial intelligence.
First exhhibition September 8 - 11, 2021 as part of the Arts, Letters and Numbers contribution to the CityX Venice Italian Virtual Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Engrammes for saxophone quartet and live electronics.
First performance on march 4, 2023 at Agora Hydro-Quebec in Montréal.
Commissioned by the Quasar Saxophone quartet.

Enclosed for pipe organ and live electronics.
First performance will be in 2022,.
Commissioned by the Manitoba Arts Council for Hans-Ola Ericsson.

Sonic Trails a sound installation for 4 speakers and live sound processing.
First displayed at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights on January 31, 2020.

Ember for string quartet.
First performance May 6, 2018 at Tache Hall in Winnipeg by Klangforum Heidelberg.
Commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council.

A Ghazal for soprano and live electronics.
First performance March 10, 2017 at Uppsala Konserthus in Sweden.
Commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts for Sarah Jo Kirsch.

Konzert für Konzerthaus for Wave Field Synthesis loudspeaker system.
First performance July 14, 2016 at Konzerthaus Detmold in Germany.

Lament for Humanity for symphony orchestra.
First performance February 3, 2015 at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg.
Commissioned by Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Sundogs for violin and live electronics.
First performance October 27, 2014 at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain in Winnipeg.
Commissioned by the Manitoba Arts Council for Oleg Pokhanovski.

Fragments of Light for flute, violin, cello and piano.
First performance March 30, 2014 in the GroundSwell New Music series in Winnipeg.
Commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council for the Pearls Befroe Swine Experience.

On the Floe Edge for oboe, 2 bass drums and live electronics.
First performance October 22, 2013 at the Shanghai Concert Hall, China.

Ice Fog for alto saxophone, piano and live electronics.
First performance September 26, 2011 at Auditorium St Germain, Paris.

Flames and Blazes for alto recored, trombone and cello.
First performance October 12, 2010 at the Connect Festival in Malmö, Sweden.
Commissioned by the Swedish Arts Council for Kerstin Frödin, Ivo Nilsson and Chrichan Larson.

Celestial Dragons for Violin, French Horn and Piano
First performance February 26, 2010 at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival on in Plymouth, England.

Ice Fog for alto saxophone and piano.
First performance June 30, 2009 at the Millenium Centre in Winnipeg, Canada.
Composed for Allen Harrington and Laura Loewen.

Labyrinths in the Wind for Wind Controller and Symphony Orchestra.
First performance February 6, 2009.
Commissioned by Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and The Manitoba Arts Council.

The Golden Spike for four-channel tape.
First performance October 6, 2008 in Eva Clare Hall, Winnipeg, Canada.

Whirl of Leaves for flute and harp.
First performance January 30, 2009 at the UltraSchall Festival in Berlin, Germany.
Comissioned by Svenska Rikskonserter. Dedicated to Camilla Hoitenga and Héloïse Dautry.

Trente for solo cello.
Composed for Alexis Descharmes 30th birthday.
First performance March 3, 2007 at Cite de la Musique in Paris.

Vivos voco for solo guitar.
First performance April 26, 2005.
Comissioned by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee for Mårten Falk.

Cracks and Corrosion II for guitar and live electronics.
First performance June 2, 2004.
Comissioned by Svenska Rikskonserter for Mårten Falk.

Cracks and Corrosion I for clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano.
First performance April 4, 2001.
Comissioned by Theatre du Chatelet, Paris. Dedicated to Ensemble Ader.

Magma for Symphony Orchestra.
First performance May 26, 2000 in Berwaldhallen in Stockholm, Sweden.
Composed for the Swedish Radio Orchestra.

Kalejdoskop for clarinet, viola and piano.
First performance October 2, 1999.
Commissioned by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Danquah Circle for wind quintet and piano.
First performance September, 1998.
Commisioned by Ostersunds blaskvintett and Love Derwinger.

Amanzule voices for cello and live electronics.
First performance November 22, 1998 in Espace de projection at IRCAM, Paris.
Composed for Isabelle Veyrier.

Résonance d'instrument á vent for windquintett and four channel tape.
First performance May 16, 1997.

Refractions II for violin, clarinet and violoncello.
First performance May 10, 1997.

Mechanica for non-professional orchestra.
First performance January 26, 1997 by Luleå Orkesterförening.
This piece is suitable for non-professional orchestras.

Refractions I for violin and piano.
First performance in April 1996.

Corona for Symphony Orchestra.
First performance June 6, 1996 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden.

"Hur får man så många som möjligt att tycka om en på tjugo minuter?"
First performance in June 1995.
A piece for comtemporary dance. Music for stringquartet and two french horns.
Choreografer: Eva Eriksson.

I kedjor for men's choir and wind orchestra (version for men's choir and piano is available).
Lyrics by Erik Johan Stagnelius. First performance in April 1995.
Commissioned by Orphei Drängar (men's choir founded by Eric Ericson) and Omnibus.

...split by the frost for piano and tape.
First performance in May 1994.

Svit för damkör och cello (suite for women's choir and cello).
Lyrics by Elmer Diktonius. First performance in March 1993.

Det tredje perspektivet (The third perspective) for tape.
First performance in September 1991.

Polykrom for chamber orchestra.
First performance in November 1992.

Sabda for windoctet and tablas.
First performance in 1991.
Composed for Hans Ek Chamber Band.

Concerto for harp and stringorchestra
First performance in November 1989.

Older compositions not included.