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Örjan Sandred



Sketches of Shifting Landscapes

for string quartet and live electronics will be premiered by the Stenhammar String Quartet at the MMR concert hall at CIRMMT (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology) in Montreal on November 1, 2024.

Sketches of Shifting Landscapes

for string quartet and live electronics will be performed at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on November 5, 2024.

Current project

Collaboration with the Stenhammar String Quartet.

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in New York has provided me with a unique opportunity to work on a composition for stringquartet and live electronics where I am collaborating with the Stenhammar Stringquartet at several stages during the creative process. This 25 minutes long piece will be premiered in November 2024. 

Hello world
Hello world

To be premiered

The climate crisis in a piano format.

"Footprints", composed for pianist Megumi Masaki, is a composition for piano and live electronics where I attempt to express the process of climate change in music. Through detection and A.I. algorithms, the electronic part slowly learns the gestures the pianist is playing during a performance. It uses this information to build its response – at first it is a very rough and poor attempt to imitation, but successively it becomes better until it will turn obsessive and destructive.

New video

Extending percussion.

Composed during the pandemic, "Mimétisme" for percussion, live electronics and live video processing explores how visual cues can be integrated into a musical idea. It was written for two percussionists to be performe at their locations: Victoria Sparks in Canada and Jonny Axelsson in Sweden. Click the video to the right to see Jonny Axelsson's interpretation.


The abandoned city.

“Sonic Trails : Lockdown” is a multimedia installation reflecting on a city in Covid-19 lockdown. Using algorithms for Artificial Intelligence, a visitor is transferred between concrete and abstract experiences in a 3-dimensional world created through projections on semi-transparent screens and a multi-channel loudspeaker system. Visitors are immersed in various events in the lockdown city occurring regardless of their presence. Using multiple audio-visual samples of these urban phenomena, the installation creates a new place for visitors to inhabit.  

The installation was created in close collaboration with Max Sandred.

Voice and electronics

A song about alienation.

My art song "A Ghazal" for soprano and live electronics will be back on the concert stage in 2024. Gustaf Frödings powerful poem from 1891 paints a beautiful landscape experienced by someone suffering from alhoholism and mental illness. The short extract from the 17-minute composition in the video to the right features soprano Sarah Jo Kirsch.


Most of my scores are available via Svensk Musik.


My scores at Svensk Musik are listed here

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