Örjan Sandred:

The Musical Fundamentals of Computer Assisted Composition

How is it possible to take advantage of the processing power of a computer when creating music? This book guides you through the first steps in learning Computer Assisted Composition. The text does not assume any previous experience in Computer Music. It explains how musical ideas can be processed and generated with the help of a computer. You will discover:

- How to formalize music so a computer can process it.
- The musical effect of computing processes.
- Some basic techniques as well as some more advanced concepts.

Free software that run on any standard computer makes Computer Assisted Composition more available than ever before. This book gives you the basic knowledge of established techniques for how to use computers in music composition.

This 2nd edition of the book includes example patches for the bach package in Max and for OpenMusic.

Download the patches that are displayed in the appendix:
Patches for OpenMusic
Patches for bach

Download the OMCS library for OpenMusic:
OMCS version 1.4

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