Örjan Sandred - Composer
Places of interest

Studio FLAT
The computer music studio I founded at the University of Manitoba.

The Composition Department at the Marcel A.Desautels Faculty of Music, the University of Manitoba
This is where I have my present position.

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm
I was teaching composition and electroacoustic music here 1998-2005.

I spent 2 years on various projects here.

EMI - Ensemble de Musique Interactive

CAC Software

Patch Work GL, a visual programming language for music developed at the Sibelius Academy (free download).
Open Music, a visual programming language for music developed at IRCAM, Paris (open source).

Some colleagues with home pages

Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
Hans Tutschku
Jean-Francois Charles
Michael Matthews
Johannes Kretz
Carlos Caires
Torsten Anders
Kilian Sprotte

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