Örjan Sandred - Composer
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Program notes

Amanzule Voices
The Golden Spike
The Third Perspective
Labyrinths in the Wind
Cracks and Corrosion II
Celestial Dragons
Flames and Blazes
Ice Fog (version with live electronics)
On the Floe Edge
Lament for Humanity
A Ghazal

Downloads: Max patches

Click here to download Max-patches for my compositions with live electronics.

Downloads: software

The current implementation of the Cluster Engine is part of the MOZlib package for Max. The source code for the Cluster Engine is available on GitHub and can be used in any Lisp environment.

The implementations below are more or less obsolete at this point, but are here available as reference.

Cluster Engine 0.1552 (Macintosh or PC)
Latest update, September 2015.
This library has all functionalities of PWMC, but uses a more efficient engine. For more information, see under CAC.

PWMC 0.87 (Macintosh or PC)
Latest update, October 2009.
For more information, see under CAC.

OMRC 1.41 Latest update, December 2005.
For more information, see under CAC.

Studio FLAT tools 0.94 (Macintosh or PC)
A collection of functions for PatchWork GL: Markov processes, graphical constraints programming tools (for the pmc engine), score formating tool.

You may use the bios and photos free of charge.

A biography for concert use

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